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Welcome to the TBP family! Spin and Go’s are arguably the most exciting and attractive poker format for both recreational and professional players, and we at Team Bas Poker are more than happy to present our preflop charts to you today. These charts are more than a tool; they’re years of experience in how to exploit certain player tendencies put into easy-to-apply preflop ranges, designed to give you the edge vs regs and fish in this dynamic format.

Spin and go free preflop ranges
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Why spin and go preflop charts are important?

Preflop is by far the most important street. First, it is the most frequent street because you play 100% of your hands preflop (folds included), and second, it sets the foundation for all future streets. Even small mistakes preflop will add up quickly and your EV will take a big hit over time. Our charts will help you not only avoid big mistakes preflop but also exploit population tendencies to the max.

Understanding the importance of position, recognizing the tendencies of your opponents, and knowing how and when to adapt are crucial skills you have to master to be successful in Spin and Go’s. And with Team Bas Poker’s charts, you will have a great baseline strategy from which you can deviate against different types of opponents.

Start using our charts now

Our basic ranges are available for free on FreeBetRange - the most popular preflop editor and viewer app. We believe that the preflop fundamentals shouldn’t be kept behind a paywall and by offering these charts at no cost, we’re committed to provide this knowledge to the Spin and Go community. So whether you’re just starting or looking to refine your game, our preflop charts are made for you!

To get your charts, just sign up on Freebetrange and add our ranges from the Library.

Add spin and go preflop charts in Freebetrange for free
Free Spin and Go Preflop Ranges by Team Bas Poker in Freebetrange Library

Size matters!

The size of your stack of course!

The size of your stack dictates the way you should play your hands. Our charts are carefully devided by stack depth to ensure you’re making the best possible adaptations needed, whether you’re deep-stacked or fighting with a shorter stack.

Spin and go preflop charts divided by stack sizes
Ranges devided by stack depth

Stop the GTO madness!

What do the most successful Spin and Go poker players have in common? Excellent exploitative abilities! They see GTO more as a baseline to gain a deeper understanding of the game. However, they also understand that this is just the first step of a successful strategy. You need to know your opponents' tendencies, where they deviate from GTO, and then how to counter hard! Our charts embody this principle; we took everything into account while creating these charts. They’re the product of analyzing population tendencies and grinding HRC and GTOWizard for countless hours.

But there's more to these charts than just exploitation — they are designed with simplicity in mind, making them accessible and executable for players of all levels. Beginners will find comfort in the clear, simple, and straightforward structure of the ranges.

Spin and go exploit vs go preflop charts
Easy to execute ranges vs GTO ranges

For the professional player, these charts provide a baseline understanding of the game’s logic. The more you play, the more you’ll recognize when to stick to the chart and when to deviate from your strategy to maximally exploit your opponent.

Nash Charts. You use them wrong! Do this instead!

One of the worst pieces of advice given by coaches is to use Nash Push/Fold Charts under 10bb. Especially, calling Nash against recreational players is not just a small mistake, it’s a significant blunder when you take everything into account. We consider not just the immediate value or "EDGE" of a hand, but also the Expected Value (EV) of potential future hands.

Understanding the "future game" factor is critical. Nash completely neglects this fact. Try to avoid making marginal calls against players you have an edge on. You won’t be able to extract chips from your opponent if the game is over, right? Our ranges consider not only future EV but also population tendencies. Fish tend to open jam way tighter than Nash, and therefore, we should call tighter than Nash in most cases.

It’s important to recognize that while GTO/NASH ranges have their place, we should aim to exploit these common deviations that give us an edge over our opponents, even when very short stacked.

Spin and go exploit vs Nash preflop charts
How you shoudn't call vs How you should call

Premium vs Free charts

What are the differences between our free charts and our premium charts? The free charts are kept very basic and simple, easy to understand and to execute, with beginner and intermediate players in mind. They are suited for low stakes and are based on fish population stats. The premium charts go more in-depth. You have more stack sizes available, and you have ranges separated into vs Fish and vs Reg ranges. These are more complex and refined, while still keeping simplicity and executability in mind.

Spin and go premuim preflop charts by Team Bas Poker
Team Bas Poker Premium Spin and Go Charts are available in Freebetrange Library

Let's see some sample ranges

Mastering your play based on your position is crucial. Our preflop charts provide detailed guidelines for every scenario you’ll encounter at the tables.

BU 3way

Spin and Go Button Preflop Raise 16bb deep
Playing from the Button (BU) in 3-way pots is a position of power. With the strongest range, you should expect to extract a lot of value when sitting in this seat. This Screenshot shows our BU range 16bb+ deep.

SB 3way

Spin and Go SB vs BB preflop range 16bb deep
The SB 3-way is quite a tricky spot to play. You are playing Out of Position (OOP) often with the initiative, which is a tough situation to navigate. You need to be very flexible in this position. Here is an example of our range SB versus BB 16+bb deep.

BB 3way

Spin and Go BB mulitway preflop range
As the BB in 3-way action, you'll naturally have a wide range because of the blind post. It's a position where you’re normally expected to lose the most, but with our charts, you’ll turn this spot into an opportunity. Here is an example of our range BBvSB Limp 13-16bb deep.

SB Heads-up

Spin and Go Small Blind preflop range
In heads-up play, the SB has a very wide range, allowing you to be the aggressor and capitalize on the position advantage. This image is how we play SB 13-16bb Deep.

BB Heads-up

Spin and Go Big Blind heads up preflop chart
From the HU BB, you need to be very flexible as well. You are the last to act, so you are reacting to your opponent’s tendencies and strategies. The screenshot shows our range for 13-16 BBs from the BB versus a SB limp.

TBP memberships and videopacks

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Now that you've armed yourself with the knowledge of our expert preflop strategies, it's time to put them into action. Add our charts, sign up for our comprehensive coaching programs, and start dominating the Spin & Go tables.

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