Hello! My preflop ranges package was created combining preflop solvers and deep research with Hand2Note’s Range Research (mass database analysis of poker players tendencies).

With these ranges, you will develop a solid preflop and make your own poker game strong, preventing you from making costly mistakes in subsequents streets without draining valuable bbs from your winrate. If you’re playing between low stakes and 200NL, this package fitsperfectly for you, and it will make your game easy and highly profitable.

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You can get Smart preflop charts for free in the Freebetrange poker app. You just need to sign in and add my package from the Library.

Smart Preflop Poker Charts package in Freebetrange Library
Smart Preflop Charts package in Freebetrange Library


1. Please note that these preflop ranges were carefully constructed and designed from equilibrium and then adjusted to real metagames, finding preflop leaks and trends from alarge database using Hand2Note’s Range Research. So there will be some charts that couldbe either tight or loose based on what’s actually happening at the tables.

2. Isolation Raise over limpers ranges are not included, because they are almost the sameas Open Raise ranges. Whenever you face a limp, play with the same ranges as open raiserby default, and adapt more or less folds based on recreational player tendencies and playersin next positions.

3. There are some hands in specific charts that are coloured in light-blue, the EV of thosehands are very different and it changes drastically depending on the villain's profile, soacknowledging this, study specific combos first to respond in the best way.

4. Last and least, remember that preflop ranges are a very useful tool when playing andstudying your game, but keep in mind that they are also starting points. The maximum EV you will earn at the poker tables will be by recognizing trends of your metagame and based onvillain’s stats (in case you have them). That being said, you have to adjust your playsaccording to what is happening in specific situations.


1. Population vs GTO Comparison vs RFI (Raise first in)

Poker Analysis: Population vs GTO Comparison vs RFI

This report shows a comparison between population and GTO frequencies vs an open raise. This report has filtered only regular players in a large database (+30M HH) and the numberscolored in yellow are GTO/equilibrium frequencies taken from GTO Wizard [NL50 Rake]There is some useful information here indicated in the red square.

Average regs are 3Betting less in BB than in SB when they’re OOP (that means, excludingBB vs SB scenarios) and naturally they fold less to 4Bets than in SB.

Acknowledging this, our IP response as raisers will adapt when we face a 3Bet either fromSB or BB, (4Betting less vs BB). Also, the population 3Bets way less in blinds vs early positions.

2. Population tends to 4Bet more (but not enough) when they’re OOP than IP

This trend is well known but most regs don't adapt properly. Let’s explore how population plays preflop as raiser vs 3Bets:

Poker population plays preflop as raiser vs 3Bets

If we look at the report, EP OOP has an average of 17 4Bet value, and way less IP.

Same story for MP and CO. The most attacked position is BTN with an average value of 18.

Naturally, we expect more folds to 5Bet OOP than IP (light green stats).

3. BTN Play vs OOP

BTN strategy is mainly 3Bet and mixing with some cold call combos. You can adapt thesecombos against aggressive players or players that 4Bets a lot in case you have enoughsamples of stats. Be careful of squeezes from the blinds!

Let’s take a look at BTN vs UTG [GTO Strategy]:

Button vs UTG GTO preflop chart

As you can see, some combos have mixed strategy: pockets 88-TT and broadways suited,they are indifferent about 3Bet or call. You can adapt those combos either with a randomizeror adapting to different profiles, or even it’s okay if you prefer to play only a 3bet or fold strategy.

We simplify the ranges as the following:

BTN vs UTG call or 3bet poker preflop chart

4. Stacking Preflop

In specific spots, you have to be careful on stacking preflop with special premium combos,let’s see some examples. There are some hands that change their winrate abysmallydepending on the villain's tendencies, because there are many regs that only stack preflop inearly positions only with KK and AA.

Let’s suppose we’re in the CO position. MP open raises, CO (Hero) 3Bets and MP 4Bets. This is how we react to this 4Bet:

CO vs MP 4bet poker preflop chart

QQ vs a 4Bet from MP it’s a little bit complex to determine the best move between call and5Bet. In case you don’t know your opponent or don’t have statistics, play this hand with amixed strategy (50% call, 50% 5Bet).

Hand2Note Range Research Reports

Screenshots of all the used reports are available in PDF version of this article.

Download Smart Preflop charts PDF →


Once you study all these spots and adjustments, your preflop will be strong, simple andeffective. Don’t worry about “being exploited”, the vast majority of poker players are not even aware of that.

You’ve also received the full images of Range Research Reports, so you can take a deeperlook about population stats and compare them with equilibrium.

This preflop charts package was developed with preflop solvers and with Smart Research - a professional set of Popups for mass database analysis.

Ignacio Kignard
SmartEV founder