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Preflop charts (or preflop ranges) describe with what hands in what situations what actions should be taken.

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Preflop is a crucial street in any poker game type. It's the first betting round, and your actions here build a foundation for the following streets - Flop, Turn and River. Slight mistake on a Preflop won't cost you much at a first glance. But if we analyze the hand further, you'll notice that small mistakes on the Preflop often turn into huge losses on the River.

In Multi Table Tournaments (MTT) preflop becomes even more complex. A lot of parameters influence on your decisions, such as:

  • What position you're in?
  • What types of opponents already entered the pot, and who are waiting ahead?
  • Did anyone make an open raise before you?
  • What are the stack sizes of all players?
  • Is there a weak player on the Big Blind?
  • And so on.

It's very hard to keep all these parameters in your head real-time. Because of that, players create Preflop Charts.

Our MTT Preflop Charts Structure

Our basic poker charts for MTT game type represent a preflop strategy for all the positions and all the possible stack sizes depths from 1 to 50 BB.

In this article, we won't go through all the possible scenarios. To give you a good understanding of how the ranges works, we'll walk through 50 BB deep ranges for all positions, as well as Push-Fold scenarios for 6-10 BB deep.

To get all the charts, we recommend signing up at Freebetrange - the best preflop charts application that works right in your browser. You can create an account in a couple of clicks, and then easily add the charts from the Library:

Load MTT charts from the Library

Then you can review your charts and even practice them in the Preflop Trainer.

Practice MTT ranges in our Trainer

Alternatively, PDF version of MTT Charts is available.

The charts are built based on GTO and ICM concepts, adapted for a practical use.

MTT Poker Range Chart By Position, 50 BB Deep

Now let's dive into the chart examples and take a look at the hand selection for different positions in a 50 bb deep MTT game.

Low-Jack (also known as "Under The Gun" or "Early Position")

High-Jack (also known as "Middle Position")



Small Blind

Big Blind

Push-Fold Charts, 6-10 BB Deep

When the average stack size becomes too small, you should mostly play simply Push or Fold. In that stage of the tournament it's very important to know what hands have enough equity to go All-In from certain positions. We'll review our Push-Fold charts by positions for 6-10 BB Deep structure.

Early positions (UTG, UTG+1, UTG+2)

Middle positions (LJ, HJ)

Late positions (CO, BTN, SB)


Preflop is the important street in poker, especially in Multi-Table Tournaments. In MTT, there are a lot of parameters you should take into account when choosing hands to play with. We showed you basic charts for all positions in 1-50 bb average stack depth. You can use these charts in Freebetrange app. There you can modify the charts, as well as practice them in the Preflop Simulator. As an alternative, you can also download the full set of MTT charts in PDF.

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